Weight Loss Tips for Teens

Obesity among teens is on the rise. More teens are seeking weight loss options than ever before. Teens can be impatient and want to see results fast like before homecoming or the next party. This can lead to unhealthy choices that will harm their bodies and sabotage weight loss efforts. Here are some basic tips to losing weight safely.

Eat Breakfast: Skipping meals is the fastest way to sabotage your weight loss goals. While it seems logical that eating too much causes weight gain so eating too little should cause weight loss that simply is not the case. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast no only harms your body but it sets you up for cravings and overeating the rest of the day.

Avoid Fast Food: Fast food is full of calories, fat and chemicals. There is nothing positive about it nor can it do anything positive for you.

Find a Physical Activity: An effective way to lose weight is burning calories. To burn calories you need to move. Find an activity you can daily or a sport to join to increase your chances of achieving your weight loss goals.

Snack on Fruit and Vegetables: When you are hungry in between meal snack on fruits and your favorite veggies. Chips, nachos, and other popular snack items are full of fats and sugars that will show up on your thighs.

Drink Water: Avoid soda even it is diet. Diet soda drinkers have on average larger waistlines then those who do not drink diet soda. Do not drink our calories away or add any more sugar to your diet. Add in lemon, lime, or a sprig of mint to flavor your water. You can purchase no sugar carbonated flavored water to mix things up a bit If you find you have to have a drink of juice or sports drink then be mindful of the calorie intake.

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