Welcome to the families.com Photography Blog

Hello. My name is Chuck, and I’m a photographer.

{Hi Chuck}

Welcome to the families.com Photography Weblog, or Blog. If you are reading this, you probably already know that families.com is starting a series of Blogs on various subjects that we hope are of interest to you, the family reader. I hope you will let us know about that interest through comments, as I love two-way communication.

So, who am I, you ask?

Given that this is a Photography Blog, one assumes I am a photographer, right? I have been an avid amateur photographer for about thirty years. I did my first professional photography job, publicity pictures for a local bank, when I was 16, and my first wedding when I was 22. Three years ago, I started my own business as a wedding photographer, a side business for now that I hope will grow over time.

I am a husband of 20 years, and the proud father of a son and daughter, both teenagers. Both of them have been bitten by the photography bug as well. Needless to say, they have been the subject of a lot of my photography work, and trust me, you will be seeing them on here over the next few months. My wife, on the other hand, is extremely camera shy.

By education and trade, I am a computer programmer and multimedia developer. I became involved in the computer-based training business a year after graduating from college, and except for an 18 month side trip back into the realm of traditional programming, I have been working in the multimedia-based training and marketing business for the past 19 years. My work has included interactive training for military radar systems, commercial and residential heating and cooling equipment, forklifts and refrigerated systems for trailers. I am currently working for a utility company, developing web-based training for users of their assorted software packages.

What can you expect out of this Blog?

I hope to cover many different aspects of photography and related activities. We’ll start out simple, discussing finding and buying a camera, and the basics of taking a good picture. We’ll talk about techniques for shooting photographs under difficult conditions, like at sporting events and dance recitals. We’ll talk about camcorders, what to look for and how to get better results with them. I’ll give you tips about how and where to print those digital pictures, and how to enhance those pictures and how to make sure they are safely stored.

Beyond that, you tell me – I’m always open to questions and suggestions.

So, check back often, comment often, and go haul that camera out of the drawer! We’re going to have some fun here!