Were You Naughty or Nice? : Check the Nice-O-Meter

When I was a child, I would always wonder what Santa thought of me. When I would visit each year at the mall, he would always ask if I had been naughty or nice that year, and I would always think “Aren’t you Santa? I thought you were supposed to keep track of those sorts of things!”

Well, the good news is, Santa does keep track of those sorts of things, and now has made his naughty and nice list available online for all to see. If you’re trying to determine your status with Old St.Nick this holiday season, all you have to do is type in your name into Santa’s “Nice-O-Meter,”and you can instantly find out exactly where you stand.

I learned that I have been nice for the most part all year, but could work on sharing a little more, and perhaps being a little more polite. For the most part I think Santa is pretty dead on. I think I’m pretty polite, and I share when I can…maybe Santa has just been watching me on my off days.

Once you find out your own personal standing with Santa, you can also check out how your friends and neighbors rank. If you’re not pleased with the impression you’ve made with Santa this year there is a section of the site entitled “Top 10 Ways To Make The Nice List” so you can improve your rankings next year.

This website is a lot of fun for children, and adults for that matter. I was looking yup co-workers all morning and emailing them the responses I received. Of the 20 or so people I put into the “Nice-O-Meter” everyone made the nice list this holiday season, but everyone also had places they could improve.

My only reservation with this site is it is obviously designed for children, but asks for both a first and last name, a definite no-no for children to give out over the internet. The Nice-O-Meter works just fine using a first name only, so you may want to use the situation as an opportunity to talk to your child about giving out personal information over the internet.