Westminster Dog Show Fun!

The 130th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show starts TONIGHT on USA Network – if you can tear yourself away from the Olympics! It’s soooo tempting to hop on a train after work and sneak into Madison Square Garden to watch some of the show in person.

Even if you’re not planning to tune in for the opening night (or any of the show on Monday and Tuesday), there is a lot of great, fun content on the Westminster Dog Show website at USA Network.

Want to show off your own canine star? They don’t have to be purebred to be part of the fuzzy festivities on USA’s site. Just click on “Show Us Your Canine Character” and upload your pictures or videos! Me, I could look at cute dog pictures all day!

Just in time for the big V-Day, you can send a cute, romantic puppy love card via the Westminster Dog Show site. Click on “Canine Valentine” and choose from six adorable cards featuring a variety of breeds. Of course you can add your own message, too!

And if you’ve ever wanted to know what breed of dog you’d be – take the quiz at the Westminster Dog Show page. Answer a series of multiple-choice questions and find out your inner canine self. (I was a Siberian Husky – a little flaky but loving and loyal.) The best part is that if you want to take the quiz more than once, you’ll get a different set of questions each time.

The website also offers you a chance to test your doggy trivia, and a list of the twenty-five top dog movies of all time. You can download a scorecard and pick your own Best In Show, or get a little more background about your favorite groups and breeds. All in all, there’s lots of fun to be had at USA Network’s website for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show! And hey… when the Olympics go to commercial, switch over and check out the king of all dog shows, starting at 8 o’clock on USA Network.