What a Good Reading Classroom Looks Like

Now that school is started back up for most of us, have you checked out your child’s classroom? Does it look like a classroom that promotes and encourages reading? Are you unsure just what that would look like? What should a classroom have, especially those elementary classrooms, that would encourage young readers to read while at school?

First, classrooms won’t be reading if the teacher doesn’t promote it, does your child’s teacher encourage a reading time daily? If so, great!

A classroom that encourages reading may have some of the following incorporated into the classroom itself or into the daily activities of the children attending:

A classroom library. Every school has a library to check out books, but does your child’s class have a wall full or bookshelf full of books for your child to read at his desk or in other designated areas? A classroom library is a great way to get children reading. These books are most likely the teacher’s personal children’s books that she wants to share with her students. She may even allow them to check them out and take them home.

Does your child’s classroom offer a reading area or corner for reading? It can be as basic as a few pillows tossed on the floor in an area surrounded by books, or it can be as elaborate as a huge tent with a couch inside for lounging while reading. A reading area in a classroom is a great sign that the classroom is reading friendly!

Does your child’s teacher read aloud to her daily? Even if your child is in middle school, reading aloud at any age for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, helps build knowledge that your child will need to be a successful reader throughout her lifetime.

Reading is so important; I can’t begin to tell you just how important it is. Schools and educators know the power of reading, what is your child’s school doing to encourage readers?

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