What about Prenuptial Agreements?

Couples have different ideas of how things should work after marriage. In fact some partners even have differing opinions about how their own marriage should operate. Communication, before and after marriage, is the key to having a good healthy relationship.

Much discussion has been given already to whether or not prenuptial agreements are a good idea. Like most things they have bad points and good points.

Some feel that prenuptial agreements take the romance out of a relationship while others believe that they are a necessity.

While it often seems that women have more of a negative outlook on the idea of signing a prenuptial agreement, oddly enough women were once the ones who needed protection by such documents.

In the 19th century, before the passing of the Married Women’s Property Act in 1848, women surrendered all personal belongings to their husband when they married. Everything that they had before marriage or gained during marriage became his. If he was to die or they were to divorce, the woman could end up losing everything.

More and more often couples in today’s world re deciding to sign prenuptial agreements before marriage. These are not necessarily very rich couples or couples who feel that they have a lot to protect. These are simply couples who wish to get everything straight before the marriage takes place.

Some hesitate about signing a prenuptial agreement because they feel that it is setting the marriage up for divorce. However, just because a couple signs a prenuptial agreement does not mean that they couple is already thinking that they will get a divorce.

Many couples think of a premarital agreement as a form of insurance. Couples buy care insurance but not wish to have a wreck. Couples buy life insurance but do not wish to die. And couples buy cancer policy but would never wish to have cancer. The agreement is simply a form of protection for them.