What about Wallpaper?

Some people love wallpaper, as evidenced by different patterns throughout their homes. I am not one of those people. I’ve had my bouts with wallpaper, especially once upon a time when I lived in a very old house and it worked well to hide imperfections in the walls. In fact, it may have been that house that turned me off to wallpaper. Don’t get me wrong; there are some gorgeous styles available. I like the look; it’s the work that I hate.

I began stripping wallpaper only to find layer after layer beneath the first pattern. I ended up leaving the last layer, because it wouldn’t budge, even though it’s usually best to remove all traces of wallpaper before applying the new stuff. I papered most of that house, but it took forever and I swore I would never touch the stuff again.

The trend of using wallpaper faded for quite some time, and I was quite happy with that development. However, wallpaper is back. The patterns are beautiful, the colors are rich, and the best part is that today’s papers are high quality products that are easier to hang and generally much simpler to remove.

I hate to admit, but I’ve been tempted to try it again. There are just too many great styles to choose from, but I’ve already decided that I won’t go crazy with it this time. I still remember stripping all that wallpaper in my old house, and it gives me the shivers when I think of going through that time consuming, messy, project again.

In fact, I’ve decided that if I do purchase wallpaper, I will not only hire someone else to hang it, I will also gladly pay someone else to remove it when the time comes (and that time usually arrives all too soon).