What are Blogs?

Blogs have only been around for the last little while. They first appeared in 1993, gained a little in popularity in 1997, but in 1999 they really took off. Today, it’s estimated that two new blogs are created every second, with 1.6 million postings a day, which come out to 18.6 posts per second. Yes, I’m sure I contribute to that. . .

A blog is an online journal, so to speak. It’s a site where you collect your thoughts and ideas and post them for others to see. Most blogs are informal, while others are professional. Let’s take a look at some of the uses of blogs.

1. Families.com has a huge selection of blogs that are written to educate, uplift, and entertain. In fact, you’re reading one of them right now. Our blogs have a definite purpose: they are written by professional writers, they are researched, and our goal is to bring you information that you may find useful. This is one way in which a blog can be used—to bring information to readers, in a professional way.

2. Many people use blogs as a means to communicate with family. Rather than sending out a mass e-mail or writing letters (but honestly, who really writes letters anymore) they post their family’s doings on their blog. Sometimes they post pictures, and sometimes not. Their family members can check in with them and leave comments, keeping communications open. These blogs can be open to the general public or they can be invitation only. These blogs are very informal and are written in a chatty, friendly style.

3. Businesses are now starting to use blogs as ways to keep their customers informed about new products, update use instructions, talk about sales, and the like. Blogs are generally easier to update and administrate than websites, and businesses are discovering that a blog can be made to look professional and yet be more user-friendly than a website.

You can use a blog to share recipes, craft ideas, story ideas, gardening tips, your thoughts about politics and religion, rants about the ills of potty training – anything that interests you, can go on your blog. Many people have a blog for business purposes and a separate one for chatting about family. I have more than my fair share and I use them for a wide variety of reasons. You don’t have to be locked into one mindset or think you can only blog about one thing. Some of my best received blogs are those where I’ve just written down whatever came into my head.

If you’re not sure a blog is right for you, how about a test run? You’ve got access to your own blog right here on Families.com. Go into your “my site” page and click on “write a journal entry.” You’re on your way!

Note: working as a blogger for Families.com is different from starting a blog on your Journal Entry page. If you would like to blog for Families.com, visit this link.

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