What Are You Forgetting To Photograph In Your Child’s Life

Sometimes we overlook the obvious. We might be so keen on capturing events and experiences, celebrations and holidays, that we forget the other things that are important to remember. When we have children, we want our children to remember every positive aspect of their childhood. There is nothing wrong with that.

However, I am quite sure there are some things you might not have thought of, or that you might wish to capture now. These photographs can be commemorated in a single scrapbook layout or in a group page of like items. If you are looking for more opportunities to scrapbook, I recommend making a page for each “theme” I will mention.

Best Friends

It is important to take photographs of your child with their best friends. Although I have some photos from my friendships, I don’t have all of them. Take pictures of your children and their playmates, or your teens and their friends.


Almost everyone has a favorite outfit. Have your child dress in his or hers and snap a shot. The journaling can include why it’s a favorite.


Children have favorite meals, favorite cereals, favorite foods. Take pictures of your child eating their favorite grilled cheese sandwich, or their favorite bowl of fruity flakes. It won’t be long until they decide they have different favorites.

Hobbies and Activities

Your child probably has something they absolutely love to do. Might be putting together model cars, playing with legos, singing karaoke, being on stage, danging, playing a sport, etc. Take photographs of your child in various stages of their hobby or activity.

Books or Magazines

More than likely, even the youngest of children have a favorite book. If your child is too young to read themselves, ask someone to take a picture of you and your child while you are reading, or try to snap a picture of your child engaged in a book.

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