What Are You Worth?

The last couple of weeks have been enough to show me exactly what I can’t do when I am sick or injured as I have been. The tasks I would normally do have fallen to Mick and let me say he has done a great job. However facts to be taken into consideration are, there are only two of us in the house and he is retired, so he has more time and is more able to do these things. It would be different if we had a young family and he was working.

With this situation in mind an insurance company has come up with an insurance plan for housewives. The insurance company Million Dollar Woman, has come up with a policy that sees the stay at home mum able to be insured. This means if she is insured and is unable to care for her family due to an illness or an injury from a fall or some other health problem that leaves her unable and do basic tasks such a cooking, cleaning, shopping etc she would, thanks to the policy coverage, be able to pay someone to come and do those tasks while she was unable to do them.

I have no doubt some people will find it a good idea to take out such insurance, if they can afford the payments which work out at around $2.50 a day.It’s interesting that it’s taken so long for someone to come up with this idea and I can see there could be definite benefits.

I do wonder though how many young families would be able to afford that sort of money.Many are battling in the current economic climate to keep families fed, clothed and pay for basic necessities like electricity costs which seem to be climbing at an alarming rate. It is something a married couple needs to sit down together and work though and decide if this would be a viable option and if so, what they may need to cut out of their budget to be able to pay for it.

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