What Can Teachers and Administrators Do To Prevent Student Dropouts?

Continuing on with my topic from yesterday about the high dropout rate we are experiencing in this country today, let’s talk about what teachers and administrators can do to help deter students from dropping out. After all, besides parents, teachers have a great influence on the children they teach.

Act Early: Teachers and administrators need to make sure that a strong preschool program is in effect for their district. Teachers should also make sure that elementary programs in their district are strong ones and make sure that in the middle schools within their districts the issue of dropping out is addressed with the students. Students in these grade levels should also have access to science, algebra and other courses that they need in order to make high school successful.

Individual Instruction: I know it is very hard for teachers to make sure each student is receiving individual instruction. After all, most school class size can push 30 kids per class. It makes it very difficult indeed to ensure that students get this type of instruction. Teachers, and especially administrators need to make sure that schools are safe and that class size is small. If your classes are made up with 30 some students, teachers need to discuss concerns like this with their administration and at school board meetings. Smaller classes mean more individualized instruction, which in turn leads to improved learning. Improved learning can lessen the dropout rate.

Graduation Options: Make sure your school is partnering with community colleges for careers in technical occupations and make sure that your district has an alternative school for a choice. Alternative schools are a great way for students who just didn’t make it in the public school to still work for a high school diploma.

These are just some ideas that the NEA (National Education Association) recommends for schools to do in order to help curb our nation’s dropout problem. What is your district doing?