What Can YOU Do for Other Single Parents?

I remember a few years back there was an ad campaign on TV where all of these sports stars stated: “I am NOT a role model.” Okay, I can understand that, but as a single parent, instead of isolating or distancing ourselves from our single parent affiliation, it might be more worth our while to figure out ways to be supportive and encouraging of other single parents…

It might seem like single parents are just like any other parents and don’t particularly need any solidarity or encouragement—I do not necessarily think that is true. In fact, offering to share with rides, child care, even getting together to share a meal once a week or month are all ways we can reach out to other single parents. Sharing information such as doctors, sitters, and single-parent-family child care resources is another way. You might even find that offering to share referrals for attorneys and legal assistance is in order. Many newly single parents are overwhelmed and not sure where to turn for help with all the tasks at hand—not to mention a nonjudgmental friendly smile.

So, instead of getting all caught up in your own life and trying to “normalize” your existence and your family to NOT focus on the single parent status, there might actually be things you can do to put your experience and perspective to valuable use. There may be single parents out there who could really use your first-hand knowledge, and folks who can learn from where you have already been. Not only that, but if you are not entirely comfortable being a role model, you can at least reach out and provide friendship and support to other single parents working to build strong families. What can YOU do for other single parents and single parent families?

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