What Celebrities Are Giving and Getting This Valentine’s Day

I image it would be pretty tough dating a Hollywood A-lister on a day like today. After all, what do you get someone who has everything? (Or, at least can afford to buy whatever they desire without consulting their bank account first?) Apparently, that’s where creativity comes in. The following gift ideas may not be ones you would choose for your mate, but it made me smile knowing that some big name celebrity became the recipient of one of these unique Valentine’s Day presents.

The gift of song was a big hit in Tinseltown today (at least according to several entertainment news sources). From singing candy grams to singing Gorilla-grams Hollywood was alive with the sound of music. L.A. based barbershop quartets and other singing groups offering singing valentines were giving their pipes quite a workout during a day filled with vocal deliveries. For around $40, most groups say they perform two love songs, give a customized card and a rose, and take one musical request. According to one of the city’s most popular groups, the top love song requests are: “I Love You Truly,” “Heart of My Heart” and “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.”

So why would a foursome of non-professional singers get so many requests to perform for big name Valentine’s Day sweethearts? In most cases the singers donate the money to charities, including organizations dedicated to preserving music education in schools.

Not every Hollywood hottie is getting lingerie for Valentine’s this year. According to fashion magazines, the hot new trend in gift apparel is organic clothing. Apparently, high fashion is going granola, and celebrities from Tori Spelling to Sandra Bullock are snatching up items, including “soy dresses, cropped organic terry jackets and slim fit organic denim jeans to pair with stilettos, not flip flops.”

According to fashion editors, the organic clothing trend is similar to the organic food trend—it centers around the dangers pesticides pose to the environment. Organic clothing manufacturers give eco-friendly consumers an alternative to clothes made with material that is “less friendly to the environment.” The clothes are made from organic cotton, which makes up 95 percent of organic fabrics. Another reason why the trend is becoming so mainstream is that major retailers like Target, Victoria’s Secret and Nike are offering organic clothing lines in their stores.

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