What Did You Miss At RootsTech 2012?

Salt Lake City RootsTech 2012, the biggest conference for genealogists and the people who make the technology that helps them do their research, is over for this year. There was so much going on that you could have easily missed something that you wanted to see. Or, maybe you were unable to attend. There are plenty of ways to find out what you missed.

It has been a little over a month since RootsTech 2012 ended. This has given many of the genealogists who attended plenty of time to post their thoughts and experiences about what they saw at the conference online. If you were unable to go, you can still check out at least some of what was going on at RootsTech 2012.

Many of the genealogists who are podcasters talked about RootsTech 2012 in the most recent episodes of their podcast. A good way to find a bunch of those podcasts, all in one place, is to check out the most recent Genealogy Podcast Roundup. Some of those podcasts include: Genealogy Gems, GeneaBloggers, African Roots Podcast, and FGS My Society.

The RootsTech website is featuring a recorded version of the video that was streamed live during the RootsTech 2012 conference. They have a Thursday Recap, a Friday Recap, and a Saturday Recap. At this time, the RootsTech website does not have individualized videos of all of the different presentations.

FamilySearch has plenty of videos of interviews that were done with many of the presenters at RootsTech 2012. They have put a bunch of them onto their YouTube channel. The videos are short. Many are under a minute in length. My best guess is that the reason for this has to do with how busy people were while the conference was going on.

Want to “read all about it”? Some of the official RootsTech 2012 bloggers have posted their thoughts, experiences, and opinions of what they saw at the conference onto their blogs.

Dear MYRTLE has a blog called “RootsTech 2012 Exhibit Hall Part 1” that shows photos that she took of the displays in the exhibit hall. She also posted a blog called “IF I were to host RootsTech 2013” which has her opinions about what could be improved for next year. She also posted her interview with Don Anderson that was done at RootsTech 2012.

Dick Eastman is another official RootsTech 2012 blogger. You can read his blog about “RootsTech 2012 Day #1” or his blog “RootsTech 2012 Day #2 with Pictures”. He also posted a blog about the “Largest Ever EGON Dinner Held After RootsTech 2012” .

Ancestry.com also has a blog that describes RootsTech 2012, and includes some videos of a few of the events that took place.

Image by David Herrera on Flickr