What Do I Do With the First Page of a Scrapbook Album?

The first page of a scrapbook album is one of those lone pages that many scrapbookers find it difficult to work with. It is that one page that just sits staring openly at you when you have at least a two page layout to complete. For a lot of scrapbookers, one page layouts don’t exist in their world, so it presents a challenge in their flow of layouts.

So what do you do with the first page? If you are a one page scrapbooker, you have no problems because it is easy to create that layout for the front page and it doesn’t matter, but if you are a two page scrapbooker no matter what (I am, and I am proud) – then it is time to consider the other possibilities and what can be done with that one spot.

Resolutions and Goals:
Many of my albums contain a one page layout of the resolutions or goals that I plan to accomplish during that year. We are known to make family challenges and goals and have created a layout such as that too.

Letters: Writing a letter to your family, child or children is another great way to use up that one page. You can create the layout just as you would any other layout, but you can include the letter.

Poems or Quotes: Using a favorite poem or several quotes that you like, you could easily create a scrapbook layout.

Favorites: Last year I did a one page layout of everyone in the houses favorites at that time. I created eight blocks (we have seven family members plus a lot of animals) and we enjoyed making our own lists and then each person was allowed to create one favorite item for the pets. It turned out super cute and I plan to do it again this year to start out the albums.

Do you do something different? If so what do you do?