What Do You Use for Displays at a Garage Sale?

Displaying items at a garage sale, can be quite tricky. But if you take a little time to figure out the best way, you won’t have any problems and you’ll make your sales and profits increase dramatically.

Obviously, the key word is “display”.

You want your customers to see everything you have to offer. Your display methods might differ depending of course on where you are holding your sale. Most people have garage sales on their driveway, some hold them on the driveway and overflow into the garage and others are exclusively in the garage. Still, there are others who hold them in their yard.

No matter where you hold the sale, the display is still a huge part of making money.

Tables: I recommend using tables for almost everything that can be placed on tables. Borrow them from friends, family and neighbors. If you cannot find enough tables, using an old door or a huge piece of wood, set on top of two saw horses works just as well. Don’t forget card tables, or even the kitchen table if you can move it easily. A coffee table can be moved outside for the sale as well. Tables help potential customers see the merchandise much easier, making it easier for them to pick up and purchase.

Racks: Another recommended item is used for clothing. Racks are a great way to display clothing. You can hang the clothes on a rack and sort by size or season. Borrow a clothing rack or purchase one inexpensively at a discount chain. I purchased one at a garage sale a couple of years ago and have used it at every garage sale since. You can remove the hangers as you place the items into bags, so you can use your own.

Bookshelves: If you have a bookshelf in the home, or even one you might like to sell, use it to display magazines, or books. In addition, you can use the top for larger items. You can place a sign on the bookshelf that either says, “Not for Sale” or “For Sale: Pickup at end of sale”.

What other display items do you use?

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