What does a single person scrapbook about?

Whenever there is a scrapbooking night or talk of scrapbooking it seems only married people with kids are involved. It is as if you are not truly indoctrinated into scrapbooking until you are newly married or have your first baby. It’s a rite of passage in a woman’s life. We have nothing to scrapbook about unless we are married or married with children. At least that is the thoughts expressed by single friends. Many say they would love to scrapbook and offer to make pages for other ladies. They say without a husband or kids they have nothing to scrapbook about. While I do think scrapbooking is an interest for mostly married women with children that does not mean it is confined to that grouping of women.

If you are single but have an interest in scrapbooking do not feel you must wait until you get engaged to start this wonderful hobby. In fact, the sooner you start the sooner you will work out the kinks. Besides, we all had active lives before husbands and kids even if in the shadow of family we have forgotten. So next scrapbook session grab a scrapbook and some fond memories and get scrapping!

Things to scrapbook about that does not involve husbands or kids:

Someone else’s children: Use your nieces and nephews to scrap about.

Travel: Take plenty of notes and pictures of your travels to record in a traveling scrapbook.

Holidays: Be the one who scrapbooks for family holidays or simply for your own memories of Christmases soon to pass.

College: While we hear of scrapbooking through school we hardly hear about college scrapbooking. College students are busy but their busy lives lead them to take plenty of pictures. You will want to remember football games, friends, and your old dorm room in years to come.

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