What Else Makes a Teacher Popular?

Previously, I discussed the option that some parents have to request a teacher for their child. When this option is given at a school, certain teachers typically receive more requests than other teachers.

Parents do not always make a request based on research that the teacher chosen is the best. There are several reasons why a teacher may receive many parent requests. The first two reasons I discussed in the first article were parent word of mouth and a good teacher personality. Below I have discussed a few more factors that may make a teacher popular among parents.

Academic Teaching

Yes some parents do care about academics. They want a teacher for their child that has a strong academic teaching background. Requests based on this trait are often seen in high school. Some high schools will take request from parents on which teacher their child receives for a particular subject. Math is one subject that many parents are passionate about which teacher their child receives.

Previous Child’s Experience

Some parents base their request on a past experience with the teacher. If the family has older children that were once in the teacher’s class, the parents may request the same teacher for their younger child. Many parents who do not request teachers for their older children will request for their younger child. This may be due to either a good or a bad experience with a teacher.

Social Ties

Some teachers are requested due to their name. The teacher is related to or affiliated with someone that is prominent in the community. The parents think that the teacher must be good because of the affiliation. The simple fact that the parents have heard the teacher’s name before is enough to make them feel more at ease when leaving their child at school.

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