What Happens When You Aren’t Being Frugal?

So, you have signed up for all the greatest cheapskate newsletters, you’ve spent countless hours pouring over the frugal blog here at families, and sharing in all the great deals going on over in the Deals Forums. You have probably even read articles and books, talked to others and basically done everything and anything to figure out how to save every penny possible.

That is great! I am extremely proud of you! But what happens when you are less than frugal? What happens when one day you purchase that $80.00 sweater you have been eying in the store window? Or perhaps you forgot to pay a bill and you incurred an unexpected late charge? Or you went a bit crazy buying that new video game for your teenager?

Learning about the Frugal Lifestyle is merely the first step in being frugal, but maintaining it is a whole different ballgame.

Even the most frugal gal (or guy) will get into a bind once in awhile and find that they spent more than they meant to, or find an unexpected expenditure that they are responsible for. It does not mean you are not frugal. It does not mean you have fallen off the bandwagon, and it does not mean there is not hope for you still.

When something unexpected happens, you adapt. You make changes to accommodate. Sometimes, it can be something really large like a car repair bill, or a large appliance repair. These are two of the greatest money eaters as well as two of the most unexpected expenses.

Here are a few ways to try and fix yourself back into frugality.

  • Cut back on grocery expenses and purchase only what you absolutely must have.
  • Turn leftovers into more meals to help save money and not buy more food.
  • Try paying ahead on a bill so you can skip a month and try to catch up on something else.
  • Cut back on un-needed items. If you normally buy soda’s or coffee’s out a couple of times a week, don’t. Save that money and apply it towards the unexpected.

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