What I Learned from a Child and a Football Match

When God wants to teach us something he mainly uses His Word, but that’s not the only means at His disposal. God can use whatever means He chooses. He is God. Recently I learned something about God and the way He sees things, from a child and a football game.

A young boy had gone to his first game of AFL (Australian football.) As he sat in his seat in the stands watching, he said to his father. ‘It’s different to watching it on TV. On TV you only get to see one little piece of what is happening on the field. But at the game you get to see the whole field and all what’s going on.’

The father was impressed with his son’s observation. I thought it’s rather like the way we look at life. Sometimes we wonder why God allows certain things to happen. We can only see the small piece of our life that is the current circumstances. We don’t see how those events fit into the big picture. But when God looks at your life and mine He sees the whole thing. He understands how that little segment fits into the big plan for your life.

It’s something to remember. It’s like that verse in Romans that reminds us, ‘and we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose,’ Romans 8:28.

So we don’t understand how those disappointments and delays, challenges, conflict and hassles, relationships and the people we meet, or the difficulties we face, fit into the big picture.
But that’s okay, because God knows how they fit in.

Today at school, my husband taught the children about how long it took for God’s promise that David would be king came to fruition. It took many years of being hounded by Saul, being misunderstood and living anything but comfortable life. But in God’s time it all happened. God knew the big picture, David didn’t. But still he trusted that God knew what He was doing. What about you, will you trust that God knows exactly what He’s doing and will use all things, even the bad things for your ultimate good?

Bible verse taken from the New American Standard Verion

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