What if Your Home was in a War Zone?

My thoughts and prayers go out to every person trying to survive in a war torn country. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but the turmoil throughout the world today is so intense that hearing about each conflict, each outbreak of violence, is heartbreaking. I have very strong opinions about politics, foreign policy, the UN, and the various conflicts, but my biggest concern is for the people caught up in all of it.

It breaks my heart to watch news footage and observe all the human suffering. People are people no matter where they live, no matter their race or religion, no matter their ideology. They are human beings who hurt, who bleed, who cry when someone they love is injured or killed. Their losses are many, from their homes to their families. The worst is when the news shows a child crying, injured, or lost. As a mother, I cannot bear to see children hurting, no matter which side of the conflict they are on. It hurts, but it also makes me angry. They did not choose to be a part of the problem, or a part of the defense for that matter. They certainly shouldn’t be used as shields and those responsible should be held accountable.

People of faith; please pray for all those involved, from the leaders, the military, the average person, to the tiniest child. Pray that some process will work toward bringing about peace. A country has every right to self-defense, and cease fires are generally only temporary solutions, if they are even temporarily effective. Pray for the leaders of the world that they will have the wisdom and courage to work for real solutions to the underlying problems and threats, to help achieve a real and lasting peace.

God bless those who fight for what is right as well as those who work for real peace, and bless those who suffer through the violence.