What Impression Do You Want to Give Your Students?

The first time that you and your students meet you will both begin to make judgments on one another. Just as you begin to pick out the trouble makers and class clowns, the students will begin determining what type of teacher you are.

When teaching you create your classroom environment and your image among the students. You set your own image with the way that you dress, the way that you speak and the way that you move. With these things you can create most any image that you desire among the children.

However if you are not being true to yourself, the children will eventually see through to the real you. It is best to be whom and what you are and be true to yourself. FI you are not a natural comedian then do not try to be one in the classroom.

It is very important to determine what image you want to portray to your students during the first few days of meeting. Once they have determined who you are, it is very difficult to change their minds.

If you begin the year with a crabby attitude and a sour look on your face, then that is who you will be for the rest of the year. In addition to determining how you will begin the year, you should also decide upon some rules that you feel are important to you. These rules under no circumstances should be broken. No matter how nice or cool the students think you are, they should realize that you are not going to sacrifice your beliefs.

Many first year teachers try too hard to win over the students. They want to be the cool new teacher that all of the students like. This often leads to discipline troubles in the classroom and a lack of respect from the students. The children do not need another friend. They need a teacher and a role model.

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