What is a JCC?

A Jewish Community Center (JCC) is a facility where several people can come together as a community. A JCC represents a feeling of home for kids, families, teenagers, singles, seniors and everyone in between. The JCC offers numerous activities and is known for an activity center with a work out room, basketball courts, swimming pool, indoor track, and more! The JCC offers several activities for all ages from infant to senior citizens. Ranging from camps, karate classes, swimming lessons, swim team and teen hang out nights; a Jewish Community Center also gives a strong concept of belonging.

My experience with the JCC is so valuable to me. I lived around the block from a JCC and so thankful I did. I had life experiences in my JCC. It helped carve the person I am today. It influenced my cultural connection to Judaism. I learned several sports through the camps I attended at the JCC, as well as it helped make exercise a priority in my life, which it is still today. The JCC helped me meet my best friend of over 10 years and allowed me to find my mentor who has been a strong influence in my life in several ways. One of my first jobs was at the JCC at the age of 15, teaching children about athletics. The JCC gave me responsibility and respect for others. Most of all, the JCC offered me a place to feel connected to my Jewish faith with families and friends who shared in my religion.

The JCC is so important to have in every community, large or small. The Jewish Community Center means coming together as a unit and a family. It is hard to describe unless you have experienced a similar facility. It is a community where an individual can feel home but the emotions can never be fully described in words but just felt.