What is a Scrapbooking Retreat?

Crops and workshops have been popular since scrapbooking started in the modern sense. Girlfriends got together and spent time creating fabulous pages, leaning on each other for inspiration and just generally spending some fun time together. Somebody very smart figured out that a scrapbooking retreat was just another great mix to add to our already growing hobby.

They are cropping up all over as women find a new and unique way to spend some girlfriend time and get some pages done as well. So who goes on a scrapbooking retreat? What exactly is a scrapbooking retreat and where exactly are they located?

There is no limit on who can go on a scrapbooking retreat. If you have a group together, and even if you don’t, you can make a reservation and attend one. There is no age limit, there is not even a particular type of person that goes. Primarily the definition of who goes on a scrapbooking retreat, is someone who wants to spend some serious time scrapbooking while hanging out with friends. In the meantime, they don’t want to be distracted by real life and children bothering them, husbands bothering them, etc. It is a time to relax and get away.

So what is a scrapbooking retreat and what happens on them? A scrapbooking retreat is typically held away from home in a cabin, in a home, in a church basement, wherever. It is a place that a group of women gather together and scrapbook their hearts out while enjoying girlfriend time, no cooking, no cleaning and just being around good people.

In the past couple of years scrapbooking retreat locations have cropped up all around the US and they are growing by the month. If you have a chance to join in on one, or to well…retreat to one, you should definitely think about it!

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