What is a stockpile and why is it so important?

For most families, the grocery bill is one of the highest bills they have. Some people spend as much on groceries as much as they do on their car or house payment. Now, just imagine how much you could chop off your grocery bill every week if you only had to buy staples. Imagine feeling secure if money became tight and having enough food in your house to the point where you didn’t need to worry about groceries or any other household items. Imagine if you ran out of something and only had to go a few feet to get it, instead of going all the way to the store.

The big reason in obtaining, trading and finding many coupons, particularly many coupons of the same product, is so you can stockpile. When a deal is hot, and you can get something really cheap or free, you want to be able to get as many of them as you can. This way you don’t have to worry about that one particular product for a long time. It will take you a few months to start building up a good stockpile and at first, you might not see a change in your grocery bill. However, you will notice that you are buying a lot more things for the same amount of money. As your stockpile grows, you will find yourself not needing to buy as much, because you will already have plenty of everything. You will began to see your bottom line price drop, and find yourself paying less and less for full priced items. Soon, the only things you will need to buy every week are bread, milk and produce.

I have no doubt that some people think that stockpiling is just crazy! Honestly, it does get a little crazy sometimes. Part of it is the thrill of finding a good deal, and getting as much as you can. However, there is another more sane and logical point to stockpiling. Your stockpile plays a big role in how you can feed your family on only $50 a week.

Some people try to stockpile an item to last them a certain amount of time, like 6 months or a year. This allows them to be stock up on a particular product, and gives them plenty of time to find another good deal when it starts running low. In order to do this, you will need to calculate how many you think your family will use in that period.

There are storage space issues when stockpiling, which might create a problem for some people. However, once you start looking and planning, you will become more creative about places to store your stockpile. People have used plastic bins under beds, in closets, the attic, garage, basement and empty dressers, just to name a few.

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