What is Cancer?

Many people know of cancer but many do not know what cancer really is. Hopefully this will help clear some of the questions up for you.

Cancer forms when abnormal cells grow. Abnormal cells are formed when the DNA in the cell becomes damaged. The damage to the cells can be damaged due to genetic reasons; environmental influences, smoking and many other not clear reasons. . These abnormal cells turn into cancer cells they grow and create more abnormal cells and the abnormal cells can invade tissue and organs. The reason for the abnormal cells cannot be determined this part bothers me. The question of why there is the cancer forming is always something that bothered me. I need to know why on things especially things like this.

In many cancers these abnormal cells attach to other abnormal cells and start to grow into a tumor. The best way to describe this is if you imagine you have a snow flake, one snow flake is not a big deal. If you take that one snow flake and added it to more snow flakes and starts a snow ball. If you keep adding to that snow ball it just gets bigger and bigger. The same thing happens with abnormal cells. They can cling to each other attracting more and more abnormal cells and forming a tumor. With blood cancers such as leukemia they do not usually form tumors. The abnormal cells flow through blood system and then will grow from there.

If a person has one type of cancer for example breast cancer. If the breast cancer is the initial cancer type and it spreads and metastasized to another organ such as the liver it does not change the diagnosis. The patient still has breast cancer they do not have liver cancer. They have breast cancer that has metastasized to the liver.

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My name is Tammy and I am 40 year old mother of 3 wonderful children who came to us through domestic adoption. Although we did not have any fertility issues we chose adoption because there are so many kids that did not ask to be born but truly want a family to love. We did research on adoption choices and decided on domestic adoption through CPS. You would be surprised the differences between each agency. The adoption process is nothing like you see in the movies. I am also a 5 year breast cancer survivor. When I was diagnosed my kids were 3, 5 and 7 I did so much research I may have driven my Dr. a little crazy but that is ok it is my body not his.