What is CHA?

You may have noticed in many of the scrapbook magazine ads lately, all of the big (and not so big) companies are listing their CHA booth number in their ad. You may be wondering about CHA is and why all of the scrapbook companies want us to know what their booth number is.

CHA stands for the Craft and Hobby Association. It is a group of vendors for almost every craft you can imagine. The scrapbooking section of CHA is larger than any other section. Two times a year CHA holds a tradeshow when all of the scrapbooking manufactures can have a booth and display all of their products for retailers to come and see.

Most of the booths are set up with the entire product line on display that the company has to offer. They hand out catalogs and let the retailers learn about their new releases.

The reason that the ads contain the CHA booth number is because many of the magazine readers are retailers who will be attending the trade show. Not only is the ad for the general scrapbook product consumer, it also can catch a retailer’s eye and get them excited about products to buy and then offer to their customers.

I have been able to attend this wonderful trade show twice and I am looking forward to attending again this July in Chicago. It is so exciting to walk to the many, many booths of scrapbooking products.

If you own a craft related business, you can join CHA. They require a somewhat extensive list of documentation proving that you are a legitimate retailer. You pay annual dues that include entrance to the two trade shows.

If you see something in an ad that you are interested in buying, I encourage you to let your local scrapbook store or favorite online store know about the product because I am sure that they would love to hear what type of product their customers are interested in.

It will be exciting to see what new products will be released this summer!