What is CHA and Why Do Scrapbooker’s Go Crazy For It?

Every year scrapbookers go crazy for CHA. Some scrapbookers get to go and attend, but most scrapbookers do not have the chance to go. But what is CHA and why is it such a big deal? Hopefully this article will help you understand what CHA is.

CHA stands for the Craft and Hobby Association. In the early part of 2004, the Hobby Industry Association (HIA) and the Association of Crafts & Creative Industries (ACCI), joined together to form the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA).

Combining the two organizations or associations together, has had an extremely positive impact on the craft and hobby industry. They cover every single craft imaginable.

So why do scrapbookers go crazy for CHA? That’s probably the easiest answer I will provide. Not surprisingly, the scrapbooking part of CHA is the largest of any. Each year at CHA, the newest and best products are released for the public eye. These products are often showcased at CHA weeks before they hit the stores and shelves. This makes going to CHA a huge event for scrapbookers looking for new products.

As you enter CHA you will find hundreds of booths relating to every craft known to man. All of the booths are showcasing their newest product lines, gadgets and supplies and it is a whirlwind of wonder as you discover the latest and greatest must have materials.

Scrapbooker’s who are able to attend, usually attend because they own a business relating to scrapbooking as the CHA demands extensive proof that you are in fact, a a legitimate business.

The summer CHA trade show has just passed us by, but don’t miss the CHA Winter Convention and Trade Show happening February 10 – 13, 2008. The educational portion will begin on February 9th. This show will take place at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.