What is Google Adsense?

If you spend any time whatsoever on the Internet chances are you have run across ads that says “Ads by Google” beside them. Google ads pop up on pet sites, travel sites and everything in between. So why do so many web pages have google ads on them? Google Adsense.

Google Adsense in an advertising program created by google that allows personal website owners to put google ads on their site, and earn revenue from the ads. The ads are usually contextualized, meaning the ad searches your page, decides what the page is about, and then puts ads up that may appeal to the reader of that article. For instance if you have a page on your website about different types of dog leashes the ads on the side of the page are more than likely going to be for different places where pet owners could buy leashes, or other pet supplies.

Google will pay you for putting their ads on your page based on how many people comes to your site and how many people view the ads. They don’t disclose what ads make you money, nor how much exactly you are paid for ads, and the amount will vary from time of the day to type of ad so there is no real way to estimate your revenue as a website owner.

Over the past few years I have come across lots of people who have had the idea that they were going to get rich quick using google adsense. I was one of those people for quite some time in fact. It seems simple, make a website, put up ads then watch the millions start rolling in.

While some people do make tons of money using adsense, more people don’t make much at all. The program is designed to benefit websites with a huge audience and get lots of visitors.

The program has tons of rules to follow that most people don’t pay attention to. When you violate their terms of use google will automatically cancel your account, and ban you from ever getting a new one. The company has bots that search through the websites their ads are on periodically find offenders pretty easily.

If you have your own website, and get a lot of traffic you may want to give google adsense a try, you ay earn some cash. You can sign up by going to google, and clicking on advertising programs.

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