What Is Scrappers Block?

Scrappers block has been known to strike a die hard scrapbooker at any time. In fact, scrappers block knows no boundaries and can happen to anyone. But what is scrappers block, and how do you go about combating the wall that seems to erupt at any given moment? There are lots of ways to combat it, but first, let’s focus on what it is exactly and how it occurs.

Scrappers block is not a whole lot different than what many famous writer’s face from time to time, known as Writer’s block. It is usually a period of time that can be several hours, several days, several weeks and for some, even several years, where the task of completing a project seems difficult, or for some, impossible.

There are several reasons why a block occurs for scrapbookers:

  • A scrapbooker might feel burnt out, or overwhelmed by all that they need to accomplish. Sometimes looking at the big picture, all those photos and pages that need to be done, is scary and can make even the most advanced or even a novice scrapbooker, full of anxiety.
  • Perhaps inspiration hasn’t struck yet, for a certain set of photographs, or a layout. It could be as simple as there not being enough photographs for a layout, or the supplies on hand won’t work for the layout a scrapbooker has in mind. The project is then put away until later, except for some, later might never come.
  • Time limitations are often the most common reason for scrappers block. Scrapbookers with poor time management skills, or just too much on their plate, might not be able to find the time to scrapbook, and therefor, when they do find a morsel of their day, their mind is left on all the things they should be doing, rather than focusing on the layout or photographs that need to be completed.

While there are several other reasons that scrappers block can occur, these are the most commonly suggested by those that have been afflicted by a block. There is good news, however. Scrappers block can be eliminated, and I showed you how in Overcoming Scrappers Block (1) and Overcoming Scrappers Block (2) .

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