What is the Deal With Creative Memories (3)?

There are huge debates everywhere about Creative Memories. Message Boards are always a huge source of negativity surrounding anything that is CM related, and the CM advocates usually come out in full force as well. But to dispel any of the myths or give credit to any of the facts, one must first understand what the complaints are/were to begin with. In the first two articles I have presented two common complaints. With this article, I will present the last common complaint I hear.

Probably one of the most often debated complaints, has been that of the contraband. If you are not familiar with this, contraband to a Creative Memories consultant, is anything at all that is not a Creative Memories product.

If you were to go to the store and purchase a cute pack of Jolee’s sticker for your album or a package of eyelets, these are contraband.

Quickly, before I continue on, allow me to point out that not all CM consultants feel this way. In fact, many welcome the added products, noting that they really do add a special something to a layout. They recognize that CM is not the only scrapbook product supplier out there. However, what was happening, is that unknowing scrapbookers would attend a CM event or crop, usually at a consultants residence, and basically be ridiculed or talked down to much of the time, because of her use of “contraband” products. It usually left a very sour taste in ones mouth for a company that was so into preserving memories. That is one memory I would imagine most people would want to forget.

This does not seem to happen as much anymore, however there are still a few die hard CMC’s that believe strongly that only CM products are safe.

While I am sure there are still dozens of other complaints, these are the ones that you hear over and over again. I have used CM products in the past and will continue to use them. They are expensive, but sometimes they have something I cannot get anywhere else, so I cave in. My CMC friend is wonderful and allows me to work on whatever I want when I am at her crops. You will find the majority of CMC’s are like this. Be sure to ask questions when getting involved with anyone who has a home-business in any scrapbooking line. Some are die hard fanatics and its their products only, and some could care less what you use on your layouts, and are there to enjoy themselves and are extremely happy you are scrapbooking period.

There is much more on this topic coming soon to the Scrapbooking Blog. Please also go back and read What is the Deal with Creative Memories (1) and What is the Deal with Creative Memories (2) to learn more.