What Is the Kimkins Diet? Part 1

This is a potentially dangerous diet. However, since this blog is on weight loss and well, Kimkins will cause you to lose weight, I am presenting the information. However, not all weight loss is equal.

How was Kimkins started?

The Kimkins diet was started by a woman whose online name is “Kimmers.” It is partially based on the original Atkins diet. . .thus the name Kimkins. Kimmers claims that she herself lost 198 pounds in 11 months by following her own diet plan. (In case you’re no good at math, that’s well above the recommended 2 pounds per week weight loss.)

What is the Kimkins Diet?

Kimkins is an ‘online diet’. You can go to the website and pay a fee and join the community. However, the diet is based on lean protein and low carb vegetables. That’s it. No fruits, no whole grains nothing. You don’t start eating fruits, whole grains, or fiber until you’re close to your goal weight and then you start introducing those elements back into your diet slowly.

How Much Do You Eat on the Kimkins Diet?

Kimkins is very flexible but some of the options are as low as 500 calories per day. There are vegetarian and kosher options and it is touted as being very flexible.

What is a Kimkins membership? Do I have to join?

A Kimkins membership is about $60 and give you access to information and support online via the website. Through a membership, you can have access to forums that support your endeavor, access to menu plans, the recipe library of Kimkins friendly foods and as the website, says ‘direct access to Kimmer herself,’ and access to the exact description of the Kimkins diet.

I imagine that if you’re going to follow the diet hook, line, and sinker. . .it would be more helpful to join.

I am avidly against this diet. This is not a healthy lifestyle choice. There are several concerns with this diet, the methodology, and Kimmer herself. In my next blog, I will discuss these concerns.

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