What is Yoga Fit?

There are many different types of yoga that range from highly spiritual to fitness based yoga classes that focus mainly on the physical benefits of yoga. The choice of a yoga class is highly personal and depends on the needs and goals of the individual. Yoga Fit is yoga specifically designed for the fitness industry. Yoga fit was developed by a yoga teacher in Los Angeles in the mid 1990s and classes can be found in gyms and fitness centers around the country.

Yoga Fit is yoga that is adapted to the health club environment. Do not expect the soft lighting, warm room, candles, incense, chanting or ambiance of a yoga studio. This is a gym experienced that is focused on the fitness aspect of yoga and takes place in a typical gym environment with bright lights and not an ohm to be heard.

This type of exercise based yoga practice combines fitness and traditional yoga asanas. Yoga Fit mixes hatha yoga poses and squats, sit ups, push ups and other traditional fitness moves into flowing sequences. People of all fitness levels can participate in Yoga Fit classes and modifications are used when needed.

YogaFit offers training for fitness instructors interested in offering yoga in fitness clubs and gyms. There are five levels of teacher training available, as well as 200, 300, and 500 RYT training programs for people interested in becoming certified. Training programs can be found in locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Reviews of Yoga Fit vary, depending on the expectations and preferences of the individual. Some love it, while others are turned off by the combination of exercise moves with asanas. If you are interested in yoga for the health and fitness benefits and don’t mind the gym atmosphere and lack of meditation, you may enjoy this type of yoga. You can find Yoga Fit classes in health clubs and fitness centers in cities throughout the US and Canada.

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