What is Yoga Therapy?

The health benefits of yoga are well documented. A general yoga class is beneficial to general health and wellness. However, in some circumstances and with some health conditions, a general class may not be advisable. In these instances, yoga therapy offers significant benefits.

Yoga therapy is a specialized form of yoga practice that has been adapted to accommodate people with health problems. The biggest benefit of yoga therapy is the individualized program designed to fit the needs of the person, their health condition, and the individual’s capacity for practicing yoga.

Yoga therapists are specially trained yoga instructors who have completed advanced training in anatomy, physiology and the adaptation of yoga to a broad range of medical conditions. The yoga instructor is experienced and trained in creating individualized plans for people based on health conditions and related factors.

The practice of yoga to restore health and balance is not a new concept. Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and was used as part of overall health care and wellness. The belief is that illness is the result of the body being out of balance and yoga has the ability to bring the body, mind and spirit back into balance.

In addition to the health benefits, yoga offers stress and anxiety related benefits. Experiencing a health problem or medical condition is a stressful time. Yoga can help reduce the stress level to enhance well being and healing.

The process of yoga therapy begins with a one on one meeting between the student and the instructor. At this time, the medical history and health condition of the patient will be evaluated. This information is crucial to developing an individualized program.

To find a yoga therapist, you can start by asking your physician. Many doctors are discovering the benefits of yoga and other natural health remedies. An increasing number of physicians are recommending yoga therapy to their patients. Another way to find a qualified yoga therapist in your area is through the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

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