What Is Your Ideal Weight?

In our quest to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise we sometimes fail to set goals. We just know we want to be thinner, or eat better or get stronger. But we don’t think about things like what our ideal weight should be.

Perhaps I am wrong but the way I judge my outward appearance is not by numbers. My Wii Fit Plus is happy to tell me what my ideal weight should be; however, I tend to base things on how my clothing fits. I want to be a certain size, not a certain weight.

Yet if I don’t understand what my ideal weight is, then I may fall into the trap of being satisfied with less than the best or aiming for a goal that is unattainable. So I think it’s a good idea for all of us to know what our ideal weight should be.

We have to be careful, however, that we separate the idea of an ideal weight from an ideal body. What you may consider to be an ideal body may not necessarily be an ideal weight for you.

Finding out what your ideal weight is will be based on your height, age and gender. If you Google it, you can find all kinds of tools online to help you determine what your ideal weight should be.

Typically it requires measuring your body mass index (BMI), along with the size of your waist and hips. Again, you can find lots of charts online that will help you figure out what your ideal weight should be.

Once you find that out, you may be surprised to learn that you hardly have any weight to lose. This is especially true for those who are looking to others to determine what their ideal weight should be. Don’t look at the outward appearance. Even a super skinny person can be unhealthy and not at their ideal weight.

Finding out what your ideal weight should be can help you set goals that will get you there much faster. Now go ahead and find out what your ideal weight should be.

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