Friday Fun: What Is Your Scrapbook Style? Take The Quiz and Find Out!

Scrapbook Funnies, HumorFinding your scrapbook style is not as easy at it sounds. First, there are many factors that go into finding your style. And sometimes, a scrapbooker is still trying to find their style, so they model their pages off of many different styles. Sometimes we like many different styles, and other times we are drawn to only one specific style.

So how can you go about finding out your scrapbook style? Take the quiz below to find out.

1. You are standing in the paper aisle at the scrapbook store. Which paper type are you most drawn to?

a. I really don’t like all those busy colors and patterns, I’d much rather have some cardstock or vellums.

b. I seem to be more drawn to simple patterns like blocks or stripes.

c. The more colorful the more I am drawn to it. I love bright colors and patterns. It gives a feeling of fun and festivity.

d. The handmade mulberry papers are so beautiful and make my pages really stand out in my mind. I love anything handmade or with some texture.

e. I really enjoy plaids. The look and feel make me think of home.

2. When choosing a computer font, which font do you use the most or are you the most drawn to?

a. I prefer a courier or an Arial font.

b. I’m more likely to choose Times New Roman.

c. I prefer a more random look such as Comic Sans MS or one of the more cute fonts.

d. I prefer a script font or calligraphy font.

e. Anything with dots or swoops on it is for me.

3. Who doesn’t love some embellishing on their pages? Which embellishments do you use most often?

a. I don’t really like using all the different embellishments. My pages look too cluttered. I’d be more apt to include some memorabilia like a ticket stub or brochure.

b. I prefer eyelets and brads, or rivets.

c. I absolutely love the look of punch art, and such and I use it often. I also often include paper piecing.

d. Ribbons and lace adorn my pages. And I just love those new paper flowers.

e. All those great fibers, jute and raffia are the perfect fit for my pages.

4. My very favorite tools or techniques to use, tend to be:

a. scissors and paper trimmer

b. anything metal, vellum, tags and more

c. everything. I love to use multiple techniques and tools on each layout.

d. ribbons, lace, buttons and more

e. patterned papers

5. Punches have made a comeback and can be used for all sorts of projects and page embellishments. What punches do you own and use most frequently?

a. The only punch I own is a corner rounder. I like to keep it simple.

b. I actually don’t use punches very often, in fact I really was happy when they seemed to disappear. However, if I had to choose punches, I’d probably use a swirl or splash mark punch.

c. Shapes are so much fun. I love stars, and balloons, hearts and animals.

d. I am very into border punches. I like the elegant look and would choose a lacy patterned corner rounder over any other.

e. I own way too many punches to mention, but my favorites are circles in every shape and size!

6. My favorite stickers are:

a. uhm…stickers? I would never use stickers.

b. I love Mrs. G’s design lines and other design type stickers.

c. Large die cut like stickers.

d. I like a more elegant sticker. Lacy or laser cut.

e. I love the cute bo-bunny stickers. Anything with a country look.

7. When working on layouts, I am most likely to:

a. Create two page layouts using the same background color and matting color for each page.

b. sometimes create one page layouts, sometimes create two page layouts, and each set of layouts is different. I try to use different techniques each time I scrapbook layouts.

c. not plan out my page much at all. I might end up with a two page layout, but I might just enjoy a simple page. It looks colorful and fun contrasting against other pages.

d. use a very sophisticated and what some would call pretty look, with typically two pages per theme or topic.

e. create two pages, though sometimes one page is all it takes. I use a little bit of patterned paper on one, and maybe mix in a coordinating patterned paper on the other page.

8. The pre-made products on the scrapbook market today make scrapbooking quick and easy. My favorites to use are:

a. I don’t use pre-made products.

b. I don’t use a lot of pre-made items, however I do really like overlays and tags. The pre-made ones are so nice and already decorated so they don’t look so plain and I don’t have to do extra work and have time to try out other products too.

c. I love all the fun page titles available. They are already in cute fonts and make creating a page really fast. I also like full sets that all coordinate and make creating the page easy.

d. I prefer decorative frames or embossed photo mats.

e. Well, I love anything with a homey country flair. Stickers, die cuts or clip art are perfect.

9. Decorative scissors have come and gone and come and gone. They can make scrapbooking easy, but some people are very particular about the pair they use. Which ones do you use most often?

a. I really prefer straight edge scissors, but since I have to pick, it would have to be scallop.

b. Deckle scissors are my favorite. The small scalloped ones are fun too!

c. Pinking definitely. After that I also enjoy the wavey ones, clouds or even corkscrew.

d. Victorian decorative scissors are my favorite.

e. Ripple and sunflower have the look I like best. Deckle might be a close runner up.

10. The color palette I use most on scrapbook pages is:

a. My favorite colors are black and white but I’m also drawn to natural colors like tans and grays too. I also like monochromatic looks as well.

b. I especially love monochromatic. It makes the photos simply pop off the page. I also like jewel colors with a small bit of flair.

c. How can you not just love bold, bright colors? What a fun and festive look it gives!

d. I love the look of a white or soft colored background with a calming color accenting it or an embossed paper.

e. I am most drawn to a muted color scheme or woodsy and outdoorsy colors.

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