What Makes a Good Spouse?

Happy couple embracing and laughing

How someone defines a good spouse will most likely depend on one’s own personality, likes, and dislikes. Still, there are some general qualities that most of us would wish for in our spouses and ourselves. These characteristics are what we hold dear and value in relationships. Let’s take a look at five important traits that make a good spouse!

1. Putting the other person first
Let’s face it, we all want to be with an unselfish person who considers our needs above his or her own. As they say, if we begin to treat our spouses the way we wished we could be treated, maybe unselfishness would prevail in a marriage relationship.

2. A person who performs tasks without being asked
No one likes being a nag and having to beg their spouse to do something. A good spouse may not be a mind reader, but he or she gets things done that need to get done, without having to be asked all the time to do something.

3. Keeping romance alive
A good spouse is cognizant of the need to keep the romance alive in the marriage relationship. He or she plans romantic dinners, special outings, and keeps a romantic attitude.

4. Sharing the load
A good spouse understands the need for sharing the load around the house and with raising the kids. He or she works to unburden their partner by taking on extra tasks, at times, to give the other a break.

5. Keeping the marriage sacred and private
A husband and wife share a sacred bond, and it’s important to keep the issues that occur within a marriage private. A good spouse doesn’t break the sacred trust by sharing the details of the marriage with anyone. Unless you’re getting counseling, it’s best to keep things private.

So, do you feel you’re a good spouse?