What Makes a Teacher Excellent?

Previously I discussed how in often cases teachers are labeled as being bad or great and all in between. I also gave some characteristics that are typically found in super teachers. While there are few super teachers to be found, there are many teachers that are considered to be excellent or good. Being an excellent teacher may not be super but it is considered to be an honor.

Excellent teachers love to teach. They enjoy their job but it is not their life. While super teaches usually sacrifice their own personal lives for their job, excellent teachers are more balanced. They care about their students but they also have their own commitments at home. Just as super teachers, excellent teachers put in a lot of extra overtime into teaching. They may carry out certain activities at home or staying after grading papers, creating lesson plans, and planning. However unlike super teachers, they know when to stop and try to limit the amount of personal time and money that they put into their work.

Excellent teachers also have a high level of physical, mental, and emotional energy. However they usually do not expend as much energy as super teachers. Excellent teachers slow down when needed and every now and then give themselves a break.

New teachers that try to be an excellent or super teacher in their first few years may become disappointed and depressed. It can be very difficult to juggle intense teaching responsibilities and a personal life. Teaching alone the first couple of years can be stressful. Trying to put even more energy into your job and do more than what is required can break down a new teacher. Leaning to keep everything in balance ins something that often comes with experience.

Therefore do not feel bad if you cannot keep up with the super and excellent teachers in your first year of teaching.

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