What Makes a Teacher Good?

I have been discussing some characteristics of different degrees of teachers. In my first article I gave my description of a super teacher. I then went on to describe an excellent teacher in my next article. In this article I will focus on good teachers.

There is nothing wrong with being a good teacher. There are many students who are successful in their future and have good teachers in their educational career. Most of us only have one or two super or excellent teachers throughout school.

Good teachers do their job and do it well. However they have stricter limits than super or excellent teachers. They have drawn a line between their professional and personal life. They care about their students and treat with respect. They do their best to ensure that all of the students learn the material and enjoy class. However they often do not feel the obligation to spend many extra hours to ensure that struggling students reach the top.

They typically arrive at work a little early to ensure that they are prepared. However they do not sacrifice all of their own time for work purposes. They have their own lives, family, hobby and commitments. They do not let troubles at school distract them from these things.

Good teachers often have long and happy careers as teachers. Because they have more of a balance between their personal and professional life and do expend too much mental and physical energy on their career, they do not experience the burn out that super and excellent teachers often experience.

Some teachers do not decide or determine which type of teacher they will be. Their personal life and circumstances determine it for them. There are many good teachers who would love to spend more time working in their classroom or attending school functions. However the commitment to their small children or sick family members may keep them from these things.

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