What Makes a Teacher “Popular”?

As discussed in a previous article, this is the time of year when parents begin to think of their child’s teacher for the next school year. Some principals allow parents to request a teacher for their child. Other school administrators leave the decision up to the luck of the draw or random computer choice. Other schools use test scores and behavior records to divide the students into classrooms.

No matter which way your child’s school selects homeroom teachers for students, there is likely a certain teacher that you either want or do not want for your child.

In each school, there is usually one or two teachers who typically receive many requests from parents. So what is it exactly that the parents like about the teachers who receive many requests?

I have a few theories about what makes a teacher popular among parents.

Word of Mouth

Parents talk. This can be good and this can be bad. But nevertheless, parents voice their opinions about their child’s teacher. When a teacher continuously gets good comments from parents who have children in his/her room, the teacher becomes desired by other parents too. Some parents that request a teacher do not even know the teacher. They just know that “so-n-so” said the teacher was good and that’s enough for a request.


Some people are just natural when it comes to being a “people person”. When a teacher has an upbeat personality and is friendly and nice, parents want that teacher. The teaching ability has little to do with the decision of the parents. It is more the relationship that the teacher seems to have with the parents and students that matters. As long as the relationship is good, the parents assume that the teaching must be good also. Sometimes this is true and sometimes it is not.

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