What Makes a Teacher Super?

When describing your childhood teachers you typically use words such as bad, good, or great. We have all had teachers from each of the categories. So what characteristics is it that put a teacher into one of these categories?

When thinking about teaching we all want to be or have the super teacher. But what is it that makes a teacher super? Not all teachers are or can be super. There are perfectly acceptable and sufficient teachers that do not deserve this title. Being an excellent or a good teacher is perfectly fine. However if you are ever labeled as a bad teacher, change is needed.

To be a super teacher requires a great deal of physical, mental, and emotional energy. A teacher cannot be super without going over and beyond what is expected. Super teachers arrive at school early each day and typically stay well after the bell rings in the afternoon. They are continuously looking for ways to improve their teaching through workshops, educational research, and seminars.

These teachers are involved in the lives of their students other than just in the classroom. They attend sporting events and student activities. They volunteer to help out with school functions. These teachers quickly gain the respect from their students and rarely have to deal with discipline in the classroom. They are available to help the students outside of the regular classroom time.

Being a super teacher takes up much of your life. Super teachers are often single, childless, and unattached. They devote their life to their career. In addition to taking up much time, effort, and energy, being a super teacher can also consume a teacher’s personal money that is put into the classroom.

Unfortunately the strong demand of physical and mental energy that being a super teacher requires can often create a quick burn out.

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