What To Do When You Make a Mistake

I’ve been there, done that hundreds of times. Whether it’s misspelling a word on a title, adding the wrong embellishment to a layout or using uneven ribbons to decorate a page border, scrapbooking is not without its fair share of errors.

Obviously, some mistakes are easier to fix than others. When you misspell a word on a title it’s a bit harder to fix than if you made the same mistake on a small journaling block. Ditto for placing the wrong photo in a layout. If you catch your error early, you have an excellent chance of remedying the problem before it’s too late.

After more than a decade scrapbooking, I’ve found that some of the toughest mistakes to fix are those involving adhesives. Again, some adhesives are easier to get off than others. For example, glue dots are far easier to remove or reposition than super strong adhesives, such as mounting film. If you habitually make mistakes or simply like to adjust photos on a layout, then you should work exclusively with repositionable adhesives; however, if you are only looking to remove adhesives in emergency situations, consider investing in products such as Un-du.

If you have ever placed a photo or embellishment in the wrong spot on a layout and about died when you discovered your error, then un-du can be a real lifesaver. The specialty adhesive remover lets you reposition stickers, labels, tape, and glue without damaging them or the page. In fact, not only can you reposition stickers you erroneously added to a specific layout, by using un-du, you can actually re-use the stickers on another page design. Un-du does not compromise stickers or photo corners, so you can use them again on other projects.

Using un-du is very easy. All you do is pour a small amount of the product on the adhesive backed scrapbook item you wish to remove. Next, use a scraper to carefully lift the item up from the page and allow it to dry. The product evaporates after a few minutes and does not leave behind a sticky residue. Un-du is photo safe and acid free, so you don’t have to worry about it destroying your precious memories.

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