What to do with all the Christmas cards?

Every year my mantle is covered in Christmas cards. The kids love getting all the Christmas cards in the mail or from church. We enjoy opening every card and seeing who sent which card. We are convinced you can tell a person’s personality by the Christmas card they choose to send. Among our favorite are picture cards of our friends and family. We hang those on our fridge after the holiday is over until about Valentine’s Day. Why then? That’s about how long they last before they have been touched by too many tiny hands and splattered with who knows what. My kids also hate to throw the cards away. Every year my kids want to bundle up all the cards and keep them in a box or their room or anywhere but the trash. As much as I appreciate every card I was a loss on how to preserve them. I’m one who likes to throw things away anyway. So I scoured the internet for ideas.

Ideas for Christmas Cards:

Christmas Card Luminaries: This tutorial is from Zakka. This blog is full of wonderful ideas. I strongly encourage you to visit for more fun with cards and other great ideas. This is a blog to keep coming back to! You may want to subscribe to the feed.

Holiday Card Star
: For those of us with more cards than we know what to do with this is the craft to do! Jenny Harada has come up with a beautiful way to turn old Christmas cards into a star fit enough to place at the top of your tree! This is an involved craft and will take a bit of time but worth it.

Scrapbook: Obviously the scrapbook is a fantastic place for old Christmas cards. You can use the images as die cuts, frames, or a background.

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