What Type of Teachers Do Students Like?

Most of us can remember at least a few teachers from our academic career. Some of those teachers have fond memories in our minds and others are the dreaded teachers that we frown upon thoughts of being in their classes.

Throughout a school there are teachers who are well known and liked by the students and there are teachers that are not liked so much by the students. So what is about a teacher that gains good comments and gets good scores from a child?

Students like teachers for different reasons. The traits that students like about teachers all depends on the students’ ages and grade level. Below I have tried to summarize some of the characteristics that students of different age groups find appealing about their teachers.

Prekindergarten/Kindergarten Age Children

This age group has little knowledge of the academics that they are learning. However they are eager to learn. Therefore they want a teacher that give them work and makes them feel like they are learning. This age group of children is also still very much into order and rules. Most children at this age want a teacher that has structure and enforces rules upon the class. They like a teacher that is interactive with them. The children enjoy teachers who talk to them and listen to their stories. They want a teacher that plays with them and that will get in the floor and carry out activities. They want a teacher that acts silly and that has an upbeat personality.

Intermediate Age Level Students

When children enter the intermediate age group (fourth, fifth, sixth grades) they begin to feel more grown-up. They are struggling with wanting more independence. These students like for teachers to give them personal space. They want a teacher who is “hip” and “cool”. They like for the teacher to be knowledgeable about the latest phases, fashions, television shows, and music for their age group.

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