What Types of Food Are Frugal Friendly?

Ever wondered what types of foods you should be preparing to store in your freezer? There are dozens of meals that can be added to your freezer to make life easier and to cut down on your expenses. It’s not just about dinners, breakfast items and lunch items, as well as snacks, all freeze easily.

With the holidays coming up, freezing dishes can save both time and money, especially with the busyness of the season. It’s as easy as just doubling your standard recipe, and freezing the extra half.

Remember that by preparing meals to freeze, you can cut down on your expenses because there will be no added trips to the store to get what you don’t need or have. In addition, there won’t be any need to call the pizza delivery company because everything you need for a hearty, healthy meal will be there and moments away from being served.

There are several breakfast items that you can prepare and freeze very well. Items such as:




breakfast casseroles

breakfast sandwiches


French toast

And then there is lunch. You can even freeze things for your child’s lunch. Taking it out in the morning should allow enough time for it to thaw before lunchtime depending on what time your child eats. Depending on what your child has access to school, meals that need to be heated are not good choices for their lunchbox.




Meat and cheese Sandwiches

single-serving desserts

Snacks that freeze well are things like:


frozen pops


Dinner’s are easily frozen as well all know. Besides what I am listing, there are dozens of other things also. You can visit the food blog to get more great freezer recipes, but here are a few things that you might already have a recipe for and can freeze.

Meats in a marinade sauce

Main dish casseroles

mashed potatoes

rice dishes

pre-made hamburger patties

cooked hot dogs

some pasta dishes

And then in the dessert category you can freeze:



dessert breads


Freezing these dishes will save you massive amounts of time and energy and can help reduce your food bill dramatically. No more eating out or ordering take out when you have a meal that’s ready to be popped in the oven or microwave and will be ready before the delivery guy rings your doorbell.

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