What You Can Find in the email From Atkins

email The Atkins website has tons of helpful information, and useful tools, that are easily accessible. If you want to keep track of your carbs and weight loss through their website, you have to sign up. When you do that, you can choose to let Atkins send you some email. Ever wonder what those emails are like?

In an earlier blog, I talked about the Atkins survey. This survey was something I found out about because there was a link to it in one of the emails that Atkins sent to me. To be honest, I didn’t immediately rush over to take the survey. It patiently waited for my responses until I got around to it. Atkins doesn’t ask you to take the survey until after you have been connected to the Atkins website for thirty days.

When you start a profile on the Atkins website it gives you access to plenty of helpful tools. I signed up because I wanted to use something that was online that would allow me to keep track of how many carbs I was eating, and how much weight I had lost.

Other tools include a BMI calculator. It will show you what your BMI is, and will suggest which Phase of the Atkins diet you should be on. There is an online journal you can use if you want to type in your thoughts as you go through your own, personal, journey, with the Atkins diet. Signing up also gives you access to the forums.

The reason I decided to give Atkins permission to send me email was mostly out of curiosity. I couldn’t imagine what those emails would consist of. My concern was that I would suddenly end up with an inbox stuffed full of Atkins emails, but this didn’t happen. I first signed up with the Atkins website in at the end of June, 2011. It is now the second week of August, 2011. In that amount of time, Atkins has sent me less than ten emails (including the one about the survey).

The emails are colorful, with plenty of links to click on if you find something in there that interests you. The first email had a suggestions about how to keep losing weight this Summer. Another link would tell me more about the science behind the Atkins diet. A different email had ideas for how to stay on the Atkins diet “while on the go”.

There were also a few recipes from “The Atkins Recipe Box”. Each one shows a photo of the food, and tells you what Phases of the Atkins diet that the food is appropriate for. Clicking on the recipe in the email automatically takes you to the full recipe on the Atkins website. This is great if you have become bored with the food. You can easily find something new to try.

Another email had fancier, more difficult, “Chef Recipes”. These are designed for people who truly love to cook, while the other recipes are quicker, easy to grab, meals and snacks. Only one email was an advertisement, (for the new Atkins book). The most recent email sent me a coupon that would give me shipping for $4.99 on any order I place at the Official Atkins Online Store.

Image by Gregg O’Connell on Flickr