What Your Second Grader Needs To Learn

Second grade is generally a really fun year for most students and parents. Settling in to the full day occurred in first grade, so second graders are more geared toward using their day to the fullest to maximize their learning potential. Generally, seven year olds are able to sit and concentrate for longer periods of time. Second graders will learn to respect others more and develop higher social skills, as well as develop more of a sense of responsibility. Your second grader’s sense of humor may become more refined as they enjoy joke books and making up silly stories. Many extra curricular activities are available for this age group outside of school and can help enhance what they are learning during the day, or provide a good outlet for physical exercise.

The following is a small list of some of the things your second grader should learn by the end of the year. For a more in depth look check out What Your Second Grader Needs To Know from your local library, or purchase it through the Core Knowledge Foundation.

In Language Arts, learning to print neatly will be the key this year. Writing short stories and poems will help with putting ideas and concepts together in an understandable fashion. Proper punctuation and grammar usage will have a heavy emphasis. Students will develop an extensive vocabulary. Reading longer stories while investigating characters, themes and other elements of the book are common. Children will gain communication skills through oral presentations.

Continued study of ancient cultures will occur in History and Geography. There is more emphasis on American history through the study of the Constitution and other historical documents, the Civil War and the War of 1812. Students will also begin to explore immigration and civil rights. Get ready to re-learn the state capitals with your children as you quiz them repetitively.

Music and Art are wonderful creative outlets for 7 year olds. This year they may learn about architecture, and abstract art. Students will expresses themselves through original artworks, using a variety of media. Students will perform a variety of music that relates to history, and different cultures. Reading and writing musical notes may be possible at this grade level.

In Math, students will continue to enhance their addition and subtraction skills through more difficult problems. Beginning multiplication and division will take place. Have fun with those times tables! Seriously, learning the times tables well is foundational and very important to understanding and being able to perform more complex mathematical problems in later years. Children will use number lines, and graphs to further enhance their knowledge.

Continued study of the Human body at the cellular level will occur in Science this year. In addition, topics such as simple machines, magnetism, the water cycle, and Insects will be hot topics of exploration. Students should have the opportunity to perform hands on experiments in the classroom.

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