What’s Available At Adoption.com

Adotion.com is a partner site with Families.com and it is an amazing resource for everyone who is impacted by adoption. Adoption.com is so big that it literally takes weeks or even months to find everything that they offer. Actually, I’m not completely sure that I even know everything that they offer yet. However, here are some of the great things that are available at Adoption.com:

Adoption.com has the largest adoption forum on the internet. It offers forums for every aspect of adoption. There are general sections for adopted people, birth parents and adoptive parents and then also more specific forums. For adopted people there are forums on searching and reunion and others on the adoptee experience. For birth parents, there is support for those who are deciding if they should make an adoption plan or those who just need to talk. For adoptive parents, you can connect to people who are in the same stage in the adoption process and once your adoption is completed, you will have the support of others who are also in the midst of adoptive parenting.

Just like our awesome Families.com blogs provide you with fast, up-to-date information on family life, the Adoption.com blogs provide you with the same kind of information related to adoption. There are blogs on a variety of issues including: adoption from specific countries, adoptive parenting, search and reunion, the experience of adoptees, etc.

Adoption.com also offers short articles on almost every topic you can think of. You can search on the website for your specific question or interest and a list of articles are available. The articles are short and to the point, offering you the information you need as well as suggestions for how to find articles and resources on similar topics.

Adoption.com is also a great place to get information on other resources on everything involved with adoption. Whether you are looking for an agency, a lawyer, a counselor or another professional, the website can point you in the right direction.