What’s In Your Refrigerator?

Yesterday I went on a cleaning frenzy. I literally spent all day cleaning. My house is usually fairly clean I just don’t deep clean that often but yesterday I did. Fall, much like Spring, makes me want to get the house clean and in order. I did my regular weekly cleaning but when I got to the kitchen I went a little crazy.

I don’t know about you but I hardly ever think about my appliances, unless they stop working. The refrigerator is a perfect example. I load it up, we empty it, and then I load it again. When the shelves start looking dirty I’ll wipe up what I can see without moving too much. Yesterday I cleaned it completely. This should be done on a regular basis but usually I wait until it starts to smell funny in there then I take everything out. The refrigerator can be one of the most bacteria laden places in your kitchen so clean it regularly.

To start, get some plastic bins or laundry baskets and empty all the food out. As you go, toss anything that is expired, wilted or unidentifiable. Remove all the shelves and bins and put them in the tub, spray them down with vinegar and water. If you let this soak on them you will have less scrubbing to do. While those are soaking scrub the inside of the fridge with a vinegar and water solution, not only will this clean it up but it will also freshen it. Use a toothbrush to clean any crevices including the gasket that seals the door. If this gets dirty the door won’t seal and your fridge won’t stay cold.

Now scrub the racks and bins, dry and put back in the fridge and you are ready to put the food away. Line your vegetable drawers with a paper towel or cloth napkin; I have some really think kitchen towels that I keep just for this. Once the inside is done, scrub down the outside, I use baking soda on a scrubbie sponge and then wipe it down well with warm water. Don’t forget the top, it gets yucky up there rather quickly.
I also took the little grill off the bottom and cleaned that then vacuumed underneath. Then I pulled the fridge out and cleaned behind and under it. I found a Christmas placemat under there, no idea how it go there since the table is nowhere near the refrigerator. You should do this twice a year, keeping the coils clean will help your fridge last longer and run more efficiently.

It’s nice to have it all clean and organized, although, with a teenager in the house it won’t stay that way long.