What’s New at RedPlum? – Week of April 29, 2012

red plum Do you use RedPlum as a source of coupons? A while ago, I signed up for their email. I cannot recall when the last time was that they sent me an email, but today, they did. It looks like they have made several changes to their website since the last time I visited.

I find that having companies or websites send me email can either be a blessing or a curse. If they send me things that I am interested in, then it is a blessing. For example, some companies will send me coupons in my email, which saves me the trouble of having to find the time to search for coupons. On the other hand, one can waste a lot of time by checking email too frequently.

RedPlum sent me an email that said I had been selected to be among the first to experience their new online coupon book. If you get emails from RedPlum, you might want to see if you have been selected, too. The chance to check it out will end on May 5, 2012.

According to the email, the online coupon book is supposed to include printable coupons with a total value of over $40.00. It has videos that will “inform and entertain”. There is a survey you can take that will give you a chance to win a $50.00 gift card.

I had to log in to access the online coupon book. It says that a total of $30.00 in coupons awaits me. I can see part of the booklet behind that window, and it says that there are $25.00 in savings. I find it troubling that it asked me to please disable pop-up blockers, and that I am required to do that in order to be able to print out coupons. No, thanks, RedPlum! I have pop-up blockers activated for a reason.

The RedPlum website still has coupons on it. But now, it also has a blog. I’ve no idea how often the blog is updated, but there it is. It also has a poll. The current poll asks: “What one item do you think new moms DON’T need?” I noticed that when I clicked on “vote” it automatically took me to my Facebook page. It seems that if I participate in this poll, RedPlum is going to automatically put this poll, and my answer to it, onto my Facebook page. No, thanks, RedPlum!

Image by Jess R. on Flickr